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Drawing inspiration from the regal spirit of the Leo zodiac sign, ilGatto (means cat in Italian) embodies luxury and opulence on the high seas




Aluminum - Fiberglass - Tempered Glass




This 140-metre masterpiece seamlessly marries form and function, setting a new standard in yacht design.

With two master bedrooms and five lavishly appointed guest suites, ilGatto ensures that every guest enjoys the epitome of comfort and style. The crew quarters are equally impressive, providing ample space for the dedicated staff that ensures every voyage is executed flawlessly.

ilGatto's expansive floating dock is coupled with a starboard tender garage capable of accommodating limousine tenders and an array of water toys. This unique setup allows for seamless transitions between on-water and on-land activities, ensuring the owner's motor vehicles are always at hand for unforgettable excursions.

The hallmark of ilGatto's design is the ability to connect with nature. Almost all side glasses can be fully opened, allowing the gentle breeze to flow through the vessel, creating an unparalleled sense of oneness with the surrounding environment. This innovative feature underscores the yacht's commitment to harmonizing luxury with the natural world.

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